Sunday, November 30, 2008


Entrance of Orchard Road
Streets of Orchard road..
Scene from below the trees..
Now its red...
Do u wanna try some..=)

Lisa is sleepy...=.=

Yummy..=)*Both are eating gelojoh-ly..

Damn cool!!

Doing the split in mid air..! On a string!!

Love Ice!

Male or Female??

Hard to get this pic right...
Christmas bear...

Lil gift..
Special spotlight shining directly on the table..
Diff between without flashlight,
and with flashlight...

*Y am i bending so much...
Who knows,they might as well end up togethr..=)

1,2,5,0!! * Didnt know how to do 0..!

Sorry for not updating,was in singapore for 4 days..just came back today.. Anyway,went singapore to attend cousin's wedding...*the dinner is so royal!!xP

1st day was terrible!! Dad was sick but hafto drive down to sg..Starve until 4pm only get to eat lunch.. We stayed in friend's house,u know,singapore's public transport is so convinient...Busses and taxis are like everywhere! But the MRT is better..So yeah,walked to the nearest mrt station(15min) walk.. While walking,my eyes were on the floor,looking out for money,...haha!!

Wah,nerds!!Gobstopper!!!Frutips!!! Sweets that arent available in malaysia..*After going singapore,i feel malaysia is like a super lousy country..! (Chi Yao,guessed my statement is totally opposite of how u think of singapore..)=)

Anyway,attended cousin's wedding and dinner!! the dinner is sooo...tasteless...Maybe cos i wasn well.. "Swissotel @ Raffles City..Supposed to be good.."!! This time is rreally a bad i said,my dad suddenly wasnt well,then the 2nd day,my mum wasnt well,3rd day,lisa wasnt well,4th and the last day,i wasnt well..Main cause..MY FATHER!! i think it also passes to my dad's friends kids and my dad's friend itself.. How "good" is it?? Within 4 days,7 ppl got infected..

Anyway,of cos there'll be pics..*mei yih,if u like any pic,grab it from my blog...i'll get pic i want from ur blog too.. *N guess what,twilight is only coming out in cinemas on the 18th of dec in sg.. Sad huh..xP