Monday, August 30, 2010

SPM is coming soooon! Yay!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


CF CAMP IS TOTALLY AWESMEO!!!! omg.. i cannot even spell aesomee now!!!
Totally regretted not going it for the past few years..!! SOB!!! D:

met soooo mannnyyyy NEWWWW FRieNDS!!!! MOSTLY FORM2's!!!! *Hi form2 small kids!! U all are really fun people!!*

Let me see if i rmb their names and how i knew them..(Im not gonna mention all yeaa, dn feel bad if i miss out ur name... I js find these people exceptionally interesting.. =D)

1)Claudia Chan
-Ummm, how did i met herr.. hmmm..OH YEAH!! after games!! My whole bag was covered wif flour! THANK YOU JOSHUA QUAH!! and yes, i mean it.. If not i wouldnt have met this girl, Claudia.. haha.. :D
her face js reminds me of someone but i cant think who it was.. haha.. So there, i was walking to my dorm along the path, i never knew anyone was behind me, suddnly she js said,:"Wow, your back is so FLOUR-ed! (i think thts wat she said la, cnt rmb)".. And yeah, thats how our convo started and we intro ourselves.. =) haha.. weirdd right? haha..

2)Lau Jun Yee
-I find this boy pretty cutee.. haha.. when i look at him, it reminds me of david archuleta!! hahaa.. everyone will agree wif me if u see him.. haha

3)Audrey Sim
- "WOW!" Says timothy and li bing.. haha.. SHE'S IN MY GAMES GROUP AND I NEVER EVEN REALISE THT SHE'S MY ANGEL!! omg.. bad bad mortal!!!

4)Hon Katoa
-This small boy is Hon Kahoe's SMALL BROTHER!!! ahahahaha.. fear not, he's gay.. hahaha... totally unlike his bro.. he's js too gay.. hahaha..

5)Victor Geh
-One thing that comes to my mind when i see him,:" WHAT?? Whats a small kid doing in cf camp?" hahaaa.. He's damn funny laa, he kept sitting on his luggage as though it is his chair. hahaha..

6) Alot moree la, for example, Erica, Boon Kuan, Jia Min, Tim Sim, Martin(the boxers guy who wears his boxer everywhere),Shin Lin,Benjamin Khoo(he look like Jason jay), Ai Jin. Ok i cnt remembr anymore d.. ^^

SO YEAH, CAMP!! Stupid la, 2nd day only i kena punishment d.. FOR NOT MAKING MY BED!! ahaha. IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CAMPERS wif other few more ppl wif the same luck as me.. haha.. Cant rmb much, all i know is, on the last night of camp, i slept at 4am!! TALKing and playing cards wif katoa, victor,bryan.. hahaha.. form 2's.. gay's..


*pictures are in facebook, waiting for them to upload now ! ^^*

Saturday, March 13, 2010



Anyway, SPM results just came out, it really gave did me a very 'good' and big favor.. -.-
All my friends all did really well, for example, Jia Yi got 9A+,2A,and 1A-(i think), Jeh Ying got 9A+ as well,1A,2A-.. And another friend of miine, Alan Yaw, 9A+,1B,1C i think..

*Dont care about the B's or C's, JUST LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF A ZOMG!*

My parents all went, WOW!! And said, THIS YEAR"S YOUR TURN!! BEAT THEIRS!!!!


First term's over but i dont feel the freedom-ness.. =( Im going genting today, BUT, my dad wants me to bring some books along.. sigh.. SPM SPM SPM..

Anyway, JUSTIN BIEBER'S IS GOOD AT SINGING! Although he has a kiddish voice, but its still good!! He look like one of my friend, Jonathan james.. Remember the boy i posted up few post ago when i went to my church camp? If u forgot js scroll back, i took a pic wif him! Agree?

Friday, March 12, 2010


Try this link! Ask me anything u wanna ask!! =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ahhh!! My dad's laptop is finally fixed!! yay!! Hello INTERNET!

Friday, February 19, 2010


okay, based on the title.. u shud know what can u expect from this post already..

Jing Xien's mum is really nice.. She kept asking,:" eat breakfast already or not? wanna drink? want some cookies?" Althought i believe Jing xien will find it very annoying becos i find it very naggy.. but who cares.. Shes still nice.. Szeyin's mum too.. VERY VERY NICE..>.<  Especially when she decided to let us make our own lunch.. haha.. SHANGHAI DUMPLING! :P Sze yin has a really cute brotherr.. his voice also makes me think he is a very nice brother.. BE HAPPY SZEYIN! Saw's guitar is BLACK + WHITE! which makes it super cool.. And, SZEYIN'S piano's brand is kawai.. same as mine.. Altho her piano skill is wayyy wayyyy ahead of mine! *jealous*.

Ahh yes.. I remember in jing xien's house, i greeted his 2 sisters,:"hi jing xien's sisterS!" haha.. i know one of them is jing hui, the other one i dnno.. so.. SISTERS.. haha..


Speaking of pigeons... before i forget.. the game pictionary where i think alyssa's supposed to draw pigeon hole is it? i forgot.. szeyin said BIRD HOLE out loud.. thats so funny!! haha.. oh yeaa.. and the STRIP thing.. thats so funnny laa.. haaha i was like wondering how come are the clothes flying around.. i didnt notice the arrow yet.. haha.. i thought its some slimming thingyy.. haha... OH 1 more!! LADYY BUG!!!! EH NO WAIT!Then i said,ITS LADY GAGA!!
But the answer was LADY BIRD.. hahahaha

Sze yin, remember theres once when we said PEANUTS IN THE EXACT SAME TIME!! hahahahahaha.. soooooo FUNNY weihh.. hahahaha.. And Nick's wave look like an arm at the start.. haha..

p.s. NICK, u shud take pic of those pic and POST IT UP! haha..

CATS!! ishh.. thats why i'd never like cats.. Guess what, i tried to be good and feed szeyin's cat.. I thought this:" if i were to feed the cat, later when we go out n play wif the cat, the cat would love me more!".. But it FAILEDD! I fed the cat shanghai dumplings skin but the cat scratched me while getting the food out of my hand... ALyssa.. must be ur fault laa.. Cos b4 that u kept wanted to give the cat the thread or smtg but when the cat reached out its paws, u pulled it away.. So this time the cat smart, it thought i wanna do that too.. so it quickly scratched me n grab the food.. ishh..

okay.. my decision not to blog about this, FAIL, since everyone's blogging about it.. So i felt left out.. haha.. Since my blog's already kindda dead, this might spice up a lil.. haha

Saturday, February 6, 2010

17 years old kid playing hangman? haha

I've finish menyedia-ing buku catatan pertama , pindahkan ke lejar and menyediakan imbangan duga on my own!! woohoo!! okay finee.. I did refer to the answers at the backk.. =( boo..

Hope that we(li shen, khai zhin, wern lin and daniel) can study accounts together.. Somehow.. Hope that li shen's mum let her go out and studyy..

Anyway, many things happen this week..

1)I lose my camp form.. And decided not to go camp. But on the 2nd last day of the early bird deadline, Ken vyn gave me another form! so nice! U know fyi, camp forms are like super valuable then u noe, only limited amount of ppl are able to go..say 125 ppl only?

2)a dog got stuck in cik haslina's engine.. somehow.. pity pity..

3)Played hangman in school today.. The most interesting part is, we used the theme, "cartoons!"
Example, Coward the cowardly dog, STANLEY AND THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING!, rolie polie olie(kathleen got this without any alphabet on it, what genius), clifford the big red dog?

The guys and the girl's score was tied, 6-6.. haha.. Cant believe we had fun even though playing hangman themed cartoons.. haha.. All of us felt like a kid then.. xP

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i fell sick since last monday.. =( how sadd


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why is his name Daniel Bego???

ok, thats the question i asked to the group consisting of puiyee,aamanda,szeyin,kathleen,alyysa,alicee.. Everyone was like omg, so stupid.. forgotten but someone did said this,:" go ask his FATHER la!" haha.. its not a stupid question actually.. Who knows, his dad gave him tht name because bego means something/? let me google...

Sorry, we couldn't find a name meaning for the Bego last name. Try using an alternate form of the name, or a different last name.

ok, bego means nothing.. Daniel bego has a meaningless name.. >.< what a sad case..

Why did pn norita have to go one whole round,then only it reaches my turn? I rmb Fie said what i wanna say,"Hilmi dan Azizah berkahwin".. Vincent also said wat i wanna said :"Hilmi meninggal dunia!".. So i quickly find another point,then i got this, "hayati telah menggantikan hilmi dalam konsert itu"..

I thought i was safe!

Suddenly the stupidd bobbish go say what i wanna say.. Then he's like 3 places before me.. Sighh,
To those who havent finish reading the Konserto Terakhir but still manage to give a point, lucky arsee because pn norita picked u all first!

 I FINISHED READING the bloody KONSERTO TERAKHIR IN ONE DAY!!!! but that was during december 10+ i think.. sighh..

Standing alone sucks, i give silly answers, hilmi bermain biola, and..nvm..cannot remember.. Anyway, form 5 life is really tough.. Everyday only one word, HOMEWORK!! -.- Can die weihh.. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Im back but im too lazy to blog.. So, BYE! (: