Saturday, March 13, 2010



Anyway, SPM results just came out, it really gave did me a very 'good' and big favor.. -.-
All my friends all did really well, for example, Jia Yi got 9A+,2A,and 1A-(i think), Jeh Ying got 9A+ as well,1A,2A-.. And another friend of miine, Alan Yaw, 9A+,1B,1C i think..

*Dont care about the B's or C's, JUST LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF A ZOMG!*

My parents all went, WOW!! And said, THIS YEAR"S YOUR TURN!! BEAT THEIRS!!!!


First term's over but i dont feel the freedom-ness.. =( Im going genting today, BUT, my dad wants me to bring some books along.. sigh.. SPM SPM SPM..

Anyway, JUSTIN BIEBER'S IS GOOD AT SINGING! Although he has a kiddish voice, but its still good!! He look like one of my friend, Jonathan james.. Remember the boy i posted up few post ago when i went to my church camp? If u forgot js scroll back, i took a pic wif him! Agree?