Wednesday, September 30, 2009

if only an apple fell on cole's head,then we'd have cole's law!

I really have plentyful of pictures but im just too lazy to post them all.. Im just gonna take those nice ones..=) Again, pictures proves a thousand words.. No proper sequence.. lazy to reorganize it.. haha..

1st of all, lets kickstart with a group photo..=)

birthday boy cuts his cake

Khai and jenn
I find this pic not bad.. hahah

lala pose..*FAIL*

This too.. nice right...haha

SHAUN acting ghey

adrian and me..* a decent pic at last if u havent see my other pic*

nick n caren.. look there's fishballs!

Adrian n wern lin.. *wern lin is a drinker huh?*

Mum to everyone: say stupid.
Some said: Nicholas! HAHA


my 1/2 face..haha

adrian face is starting to turn red..

DANIEL!!!!!!!! Cant u just let me eat in peace.?ahhaa

nice pose kenzo!

finish caren's wine la..haha

lol.. another stupid pic..

im posting this pic not to show myself,but to show everyone how does shaun's and nick'as bro look like!! ^^

Im not sure wht im staring at... the cake i guess...^^

okay this is nice..^^

There's more, but sorry lahh.. lazyy.. lots of more stupid pic of me which i WONT post it up..=)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip to my hometown!

Okayy, this post wont be long, but it'll be random..=)

1st of all, last sat morning i went back to my hometown,sitiawan,Perak..
my mum and my dad drove to my popo(another grandmother,mother's side)'s house to take a look after its abandoned for like almost 2 years..

Here is how the condition of the house..=(

p.s.I dont know who put the jaga kebersihan word there..and take a look at the swing! my fav resting spot last time!!^^

look at the rambutan tree!! my grandmother used to pluck them and let me eat!!

OKAY! NEXT... i went back to my grandmother's house(father's side)
Just take a look how the rat bit the pillow!

friggin hole!

Look,my grandmother caught the rat...haha

drowned it to death..haha
*closer view..

This post is not gonna be about rats's one incident...on sat night...11.30pm around there..


Imagine,in a kampung d middle of nowhere..All lights out... sounds freaky ehh/?
My poor cousin was bathing halfway then the lights went out...haha...pity pity..

no pic to show...its just plain dark, u can imagine it by just looking at a black piece of paper..tht dark...haha!!
*not being racist or whatsoever*

Nothing to say d..BYE

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day trip to HAWAII celebrating birthdays!!!

I know it all along that i have no talent in blogging,i dont have the chatterbox style of mouth to say words which are super random, so i'll just let all the pictures do the talking =)

First of all.. The Birthday CAKE! *yumm yumm*
p.s. Secret Recipe's Chocolate cheese cake!

and a homemade Coffee Jelly Cake!

2ndly, introducing the 4 birthday baby's!

Chi Wern

Mei Yih

Chin Ling

and HER..

3rdly, the best costume award goes to....*drums roll*


*i wonder why the pic is so small!*

Family photo!

Last but not least, CANDIDS!

My small lil cousins! *wait,one of them is already 11..nvm, dun care*

*I think his brain is on his chin*

*Uncle ching kai men!*

The beach boys!!

1stly:*my legs look super long here*
2ndly:Chi Wern is doing a big business!

So prettyyy... hahaha...jkk

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A puppy cant roll back over...

Just see how this cute puppy being unable to rollover.. hahahah...=)