Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOUD '09!!!!!!!!!!!

LOUD '09 was the BOMB!!

Its really really fun! Although i know not many people enjoyed the games... The queue is so LOOOOOOONG... It does makes people feel lazy for waiting too long... Oh well.. anyway, there's one funny part.... The 1st time we wanted to take a group picture, kathleen randomly picked a small boy to help us take a picture.. The boy's reaction was DAMNNN funny! Its as if he got a shocked of his lifetime and tried to walk away...

Next... The tatoo part!! Adrian's strategy is not bad.. I think he purposely make the tatoo appear retarded so that jiayi can do it for him again..awwww... hahaha!!

I cant really recall what had happen just now... But overall i think its super FUN, especially seeing Daniel,Nick,Adrian, *me too i guess* bursting balloons like small little kids!! But the most childish act was i think from alyssa.. she actually collected all different coloured *dunno wats that called* long balloon and took them all home.. there was around 8 i saw... omg... i wonder what she's gonna do wif it when she brings it back home... sleep with it? or play with it? haha..

Okay.. i think thats all...

My last words for today..
The tattoo on my cheek ain't coming OFF!

*I will only post up pictures after kathleen and alyssa sends them to me..*

2 random things..

i'm gonna say 2 random things which happened to me just only...

1st: a stupid mosquito bite me... not only that.. it bite right below my chin, under my neck... damn hard to

2nd:i burnt my tongue while eating bak kut teh.. >.<

Friday, July 17, 2009

A love poem...

Here's the poem i mentioned in my previous post earlier...
I just feel like posting it up because...
umm.. because... nvm...

#A Torn Apart Love#

All i wish to have or wanted,
was for us to be together,
i didn't care if it was summer,
spring, fall or even in the winter.

I knew i could always count on you,
to at least be my friend,
If something more were to happen,
i'd hope you wouldn't let it end.

If for a long period of time
we would have ever had to be apart,
i had hope we could last,
on what we had felt in our heart

So when you said you had to go,
i had wished it was just another lie,
because i know it now like i always have,
my love for you will never die.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Im only gonna post up my love poem which got me 27/30 marks for english ULBS either tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow!! =)

bye.. im busy for now..

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Aha! Listen boy
My first love story
My angel and my girls
My sunshine
Oh! Oh! Let's go!

Neomuneomu meotjyeo nuni nuni busyeo
Sumeul mot swigesseo tteollineun girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby...

~~Who can guess what song is that means u've got skills!~~

Anyway, was introduced to this song recently and the 1st time i heard this song i was so HOOKED, really really hooked to this song... Its really a great, addictive, cute song!!
Wondergirls ROCK!!

thank you daniel!!!

I hate blisters!!! i realise i've been getting 2 blisters a week on average if i plays football..


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, today i purposely brought my phone to school... Hahah!! that makes it the 2nd time i've brought phone to school... So scary.. Pn sow said i didnt do my work, but actually i did!
Anyway, overall... pn sow just said i was lazy...
when pn sow asked joanna are there any comments from other teachers for me, joanna was like:" err, GOT!! FROM Pn Cecilia! She said she likes eugene.."
I was like... WHAT?!!!

After that we went to the pejabat to settle some stuff.. Guess what, pn shahlawati and pn norita is there tooo! *gasp*
Pn shahlawati asked me:" what do u want me to tell ur mum?" haha..
Pn Norita is the best!!! She said im a good boy.. *in malay of course...=)

Anyway... Open day was kindda fun... Camwhored alot... Caught ppl nerding too...
Here are some pics..

Caught nick and daniel not listening to Pn Norela in class!!! tsk tsk tsk..

Hilman's attempt to fill 100ml of his salivaa! *eww.. this pic still disgust me ALOT, even NOW!*

Jenn took this picture during bio lesson... :D

(From left) Caren, Jenn, Nick, Me..

Wow... Nick and his 'cool' pose!!

Jenn's phototaking skill! *half head cut off tho* xD

Jenn, Nick, Me

Camwhored alot during open day... >.<

*i wonder why is leon always smiling.. that smile reminds me of pn saik's..*

Whoaa... Saw is so photogenik(is this how its supposed to be spelt?) he was trying to avoid me taking a pic of him, this was the result... xP

Tong and her unnatural smile...xP

Kar Yew and Bob nerding! *as usual*

HAHA!! Got ya! Nice shot though..xP

I wonder who took this pic while i was taking a pic of nick and wern lin.. it somehow just appeared in my camera album..

~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~