Monday, August 24, 2009

Proud of myself for not being lazy to blog about this.. xP

Okayy.. I'll just update.. Sometimes, whenever i view my blog, i do pity it sometimes.. What to do, im just too lazy... haha.. puiyee, u inspired me to write these.. haha.. okayy.. ermm.. i'll TRY NOT to be lazy and update at least once a week! =)

Few days ago, i had an ulser.. Super pain.. plus, its on my tongue.. U can imagine how painful it is..
Brush teeth then pain, eat then pain,drink water also pain.. Stop.. its just pain..
So today me and my family went for dinner and i decided to challenge my ulcer.. I ordered
Tom Yum noodle... The extra spicy one... OMG i tell u, it was killing! Its as if there's millions of red ants bitting your tongue.. OUCH.. Now its still pain... I hope it'll just disappear..

2ndly, i just dont understand why i suddenly love korean songs so much,especially their bands,their dance move,their singing...ahhh... CUTE!!! I guess i already know the answer, my sense of taste is starting to change i guess? haha..
How i wish i can speak korean! BTW, this afternoon my dad said he might take me to KOREA next year!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! *although i dont really like kimchi... yesterday i ordered the chicken katsu set and i left aside the kimchi and tofu with the dunno what sauce covered over it.. i tasted it and that killed millions of my tastebuds.. damn bitter.. yucks.. i wonder why is kimchi so yummy? according to some ppl..

okayy.. about the previous post i said i wanted to post up pictures,well, cant blame me.. Caren hasnt send them to me yet.. so u all just hafta wait.. HAHA.. xP


Saturday, August 15, 2009

*I hope the MTV World Stage is good so i dont waste my time going!!*

Saturday, August 8, 2009

유진 소녀 시대를 사랑

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best PARTY everrrrr!!!

Ahhhh!! What a DAY! I finally knew what does Sweet 16 mean to everyone, that includes me!

Today's(actually its already a few days ago,i delay posting this up) party turned out GREAT although some ppl couldn't come... Our planned was to go swimmiing at tropicana,bowling, then dinner... End up the swimming part took away most of our time! Anyways, its still fun... I've not swimmed for almost 5 years and miraculously, i managed to swim right towards the deepest end of the pool! Not bad for someone who havent swimmed for almost 5years or more i cannot remember..

*STUPID AIR in my stomach! i hate u! how i wish i could just get oxygen and dissolve u in it!!

Anyway! I've tried my very best to tahan the ever distracting air in my stomach.. I hope u guys(Daniel, Nick, Adrian, Wern Lin, Caren) weren't bothered by my un-hyper-ness during dinner... I really tried my best to keep myself happy and hyper so that u all feel happy!

*(notice how i coloured it brown?)hahaha

(Will be up at the next post)

I wasn't expecting any birthday cakes becaause i am just too lazy to buy it... BUT!
After our buffet dinner, Adrian was like calling a waiter and whispering something to him.. From then on in my mind i was already expecting a surprise.. It is indeed a very pleasent surprise! ^^


THANK YOU!!! <3>Here are the presents!

(Will be up at the next post)

The moment WernLin and Caren told me that i'll definitely love the present Daniel,Nick and Adrian got me... I was already too excited to even think of anything...
But really, its so cool!


(Will be up at the next post)

Next, WernLin and Caren's present was kindda expected! =)
haha! its still CUTE!!
The cow has a HEART-SHAPED tail!!

(Will be up at the next post)
*Pictures will be up on the next post!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good News:Yes i finally bought my guitar! I've been waiting for a long time for it!!


Bad News:Jenn can't go!!!!!!! T_T

*dang... damn potong*
I'll always love the month AUGUST forever and ever!!!

2nd August!! Ahh.. 1 more day!! I can't wait!!!

The party's gonna be so much FUN!!! ^^

I hope i'll be able to remember 2nd August 2009 as the