Monday, November 30, 2009



I know im outdated, but who cares.. I've just finished watching Underworld 1 and Underworld 2 and i find Kate Beckinsale REALLY COOL AND AWESOMEE!! Its like, she takes on 3 lycans alone, although Michael the hybrid between Lycans and Vampires helped her in the end.. Plus, Selene's(her name in the movie) gun accuracy super awesome!!! She barely misses!! wow..

Anyway, i really dont understand mothers, i guess i'd NEVER WILL.. Its like, WHY do they like to ask questions when they already know the answer??? haha.. Few days back, in jusco, my mum wanted to get a pot to make tea, Tea Pot(or something like that), so she was like asking me, white or black?? So of course i'd choose white!
Guess what, her reply was like , :"NO! White easy dirty!" In the end she chose a black one..
Wat the heckk.. haha.. think of it again, its kindda funny.. haha=)

And...and... few nights ago, in the car, my smallest sister was sitting in the middle of the car(the backseat), im sitting on the left, my 2nd sister on the right.. Our parents all went out of the car and into the house already, so we decided to bully my small sister by not letting her out.. Okay.. So obviously she keeps on pushing me away..Then i wanted to say :"DONT BE AN IMPATIENT PERSON YOU HAMSTER!!"... BUT INSTEAD! I said this:" Dont be an imperson patient u hamster!"..
After a few second only i realise it.. haha...

As u all have seen my facebook comment that says :"

Dear Santa,

I would like a cute little hamster for this coming christmas! =)

Yours Truly, Eugene

Hope it come true! haha.. So i've got to start thinking of a name now!! haha

Thursday, November 26, 2009

feeling of letting go, i guess we'll never know...

OMG Jusco had a J-Card member SALE YESTERDAYYYY!!! Up to 70% DISCOUNT! To those who miss it, too bad so sad so bad too sad .. To those who was there.. Enjoyed the crowd?? haha.. =) Seriously pack like sardin fish.. At the top floor in jusco, the comforter section.. There's ppl using the microphone shouting dunno what :" LAST BATCH LAST BATCH RM59 SINGLE SET COMFORTER ONLY CHEAP CHEAP and RM10 PILLOW!!!"  Wow.. u can imagine how pack was it.. haha.. Some really selfish ppl just muscled their way in just to get a set of comforter.. Stuuppidd.. Well, i did avenge back, i pushed them back.. haha!! xP Dont tell anyone!

Anyway, ysterday, 25th November 2009 was my mum's 45th birthday!! woohoo..
Decided to go Wong Kok Char Chan Teng(not sure if thts the spelling) for dinner.. There's like this drink specially prepared for birthdays.. SUPER HUGEEE!! omg.. i barely can finish even my small cupp.. Pictures below..

I cant even finish my small lil cup.. haha

haha.. when the drink 1st came, i said so proudly that i can finish it by my own..

after 5 mins,it barely even move 1cm yet.. haha

my sister attempted it too..

sister and the birthday girl!

i dont get it.. why do my sister always like to show monkey faces in pictures.. haha..even my dad says so.. its like out of 10pic, only 1 picture is perfect.. haha..*this was the 3rd pic btw..*

my dad being funny.

and again..

gave up.. although there's still alot more to go..

taking pictures for fun noww.. haha..=)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A boy name Gary.

Hahaa.. i stole this picture from my sister.. haha.. okayy.. she went to take care of kids at the vacation bible school for 2 days..*make sure they dont run around and stuff* haha.. so here are some pics she took which i think is kidda cute.. haha..=) Its all about this boy.. i think the name is Gary.. My sister wants to take a pic of him, but he dont want.. So he keeps using his jacket to cover his face..But somehow finally my sister managed to convince him, but with conditions of course.. Okay, take a look at the pic.. I'll put captions..

He's using his jacket to cover his face as usual.

1st he said, he dont want my sis to take a pic of his mouth.. So.. there.. Mouthless pic..

This is his normal face.. (its not in sequence btw)

Note that his face is covered with jacket.. haha..

And again. This time.. Only his eye is allowed.. haha

here's another boy.. haha..* at 1st i told my sister, this boy look like the other boy name gary.. just that this boy's face a lil flatter.. haha.. squeezed..

haha.. his eye.. haha..=)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So freaking unfair! She just drew a UBER straight line! *the 2nd purple line*
Mine's the black one..=( So cacat-ed

See again.. My straight line is not straight!!!! HAHA.. Tong! Yours too.. bluekz!

Alec Millius

i think i just found my study motivation... yesterday i was at palmville condo's poolside walking around carrying my bio books around.. i was there waiting for my dad cos he went to see his client.. SO! i was like, :"wah so windy! omg.. syiok gila.. so i chose a cooling spot and sat, then started reading chapt 7 respiration.. omg.. guess what.. super effective weih.. whatever i read is almost glued into my head now.. now.. my next step is... FIND OUT WHO LIVES IN CONDO SO THAT I CAN GO THEIR CONDO AND STUDY WITH THEM AT THE POOLSIDE!! muahahaha.. prolly condo's near tropicana, riana green.. wherever laa.. my dad agreed to fetch me so yeah.. who wants to go study with me?!!!.. omg..*this is so not ME*

I went walk-in rent a book shop in ss2 yesterday as recommended by kathleen.. the moment i went in im like.. wow.. im in a books heaven!! spent 30mins searching for a book.. still ended up in failure, so my mum picked a book for me titled "The Spanish game".. Okay lahh, the book has over 400+ page... im at page 156 now..woohoo!! aiming to finish it in a week!! =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

where dreams come alive..=)

okay.. i guess im a lil crazy over what sort of candy u all will buy me until i even dream of it the night u all came back.. okayy.. guess what.. this is what i dreamt 2 nights ago.. I dreamt that u all buy me a candy called "Dildoes" and it tasted really good.. haha..=) okayy thats really random.. Amanda sek asked me not to be lazy and post this up..*look whose talking now, haha*

2ndly, this morning.. i dreamt i was Eragon.. Im fighting DRAGONS!! muahahahah.. okayy.. i didnt win.. and i didnt lose!! because my alarm rang.. pooooft!! all gone.. im like wat the hell.. so i quickly close my eye and go back to sleep hoping that the dream can be continued. too bad its all gone.. haha.. awww.. *i was already wiinning btw! i stabbed into the dragons heart!*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i wonder how, i wonder why, yesterday you told me bout the blue blue sky...

and all that i can see, is just a yellow lemon tree

Okayy, i just realised that jia yi still owes me a present.. mwahahaha.. PRESENTS! woohoo!!
Dont worry adrian, u'll be getting one too.. haha..
OH yeahh, my finger no longer hurt anymore.. teeheeee =D

okay the end bye bye..

Friday, November 13, 2009

cheer up and dry your damp eyes, tell me when it rains..

okay, sorry jing xien, sze yin because i haven't link you yet..anyway, hahaa... guess ive been thinking too much lately, even kathleen notices it.. she was like,:"u have deep thoughts yeah?"  anyway, sorry laah, really not in the mood.. sorry wern lin, sorry nick, sorry khai, sorry daniel, sorry adrian, sorry li shen!! i suck okay.. yes nick n wern, u both are lucky as u both had the easier way.. thanks for trying your best to cheer me up!
I just really dont know how to face this situation myself.. Please understand me..Ive been in this situation before, but then it was like when i was form2 only, and it failed too.. okay not failed la, actually i didnt, but i just took it as if i did fail... Okay, screw my phone bills, my dad's definitely gonna skin me alive.. yay me.. lesson learnt.. never to sms anyone with u knowing that u will not get any replies...=.= okay.. looks like i'll b facing my guitar from now, i really envy tian xi's guitar skill.. awesomeee!!

awwww.. amanda sek.. im gonna miss you! =(

ive got a name for my guitar! its PADDINGTON!! woohoo.=)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My fingers are freaaking painful now!! =(

my birthday is on... nvm... 1 more year..=(


yes, 'happy birthday to u', the first song i've manage to play on my guitar..woohoo!! more to come yeah!!
szeyin, nothing beats the boredom of me staying at home staring blankly at my book and falling asleep in the end..=( so yeah, u shud appreciate your trip to smk tropicana! xP

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

say no to drugs! =)

yet another day of uno's.. its like, urghh.. play too much until its getting boring... i like the game heartattack although I KEEP LOSING!! my hand is never empty, its like when its gonna finish, it just keeps coming.. damn.. my brains processor is dead i guess.. haha.. i helped kath to win in the game of UNO!! woohooo!! well, thanks to alyssa for sponsoring me a +draw card.. hahaaa =) u can call it cheating if u want.. haha

its really sad that those who registered late for the program keselamatan thingy got rejected.. awww..
i brought blueberry cheese tart which taste so yummmy!! RIGHT RIGHT?? to those who didnt get to try, im sorry.. i guess my mum n sister is baking again... another round tomoroww alright? haha..^^

got back our class position results today.. 22!!! wait.. was it 21 or 22? i forgot!! i only remember im behind alyssa..

shit u ALYSSA LOW SUE YIN!!(i think i left out a dash)

Monday, November 9, 2009

kathleeeeeen your drawing is awesomee!

ahhh! im so sorry for posting up so many post at once.. haha.. i just thought i wanna show u kath's brilliant artwork.. haha.. unlike mine..=(

this eye here is supposed to represent amanda seyfield's eye.. haha

LOOK ITS A SNOWMAN!! no wait, kath just said it was russell.. haha.. so cute and funny..
anyway that bottom part is private and not to be seen by u all.. so there..=) haha

pets wonder!

okayy went puchong giant yesterday night, so i and my sister decided to pay a visit to the pet shop.teehee!=)
here's some cute(well, cute to me) pictures i took wif my phone camera.. sorry if the pic is blur...what can u expect from a 2.0 megapix camera? haha..

this puppy is so cute!! i guess its a shit zu! =)
*notice it came closer to me* haha

look alyssa!! this cat is cute!!!!!!

whole group of hamster piling up.. a bunch of knitting thread..

look its drinking water!!

this is the same cat as just now.. =) how adorable..the fur is so nice..

Just look at how this blur lil hamster goes running around the glass box.. cute..

4 dogs barking at each other.. haha

*P.S. Sorry if the video is unclear..*

random picture.. i still cant figure what is that.. anyone can guess where this pic is taken from? =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

birthdayyyyyyy bashh!!!

I guess adrian was pretty SURPRISED.. haha.. his face reaction was like:" OMG U ALL ARE HERE??" okayy, i met new friends today.. First of all.. Hi Vanessa nice to meet u..=) haha..

speaking of drinks, it reminds me of kathleen's DISTILLED WATER JOKE!! haha.. kathleen kathlenn.. Li shen was like laughing all the way.. haha.. LMAOOO.. The waiter at Vivo are so freaking slow and blurr... Adrian was like:"Do u have salt?" they said yes and went to get it.. At last it didnt came, and by the time we are about to leave i was like*pointing at the sachet of salt*, " ADRIANN!! ISN'T THIS THE SALT U WANTED???" *  then adrian showed his angry yet funny face  haha..


anyway, after the dinner we went jalan-jalan... Went to play the foosball thingy..Li Shen! u're right.. i suck at it.. haha.. not badd lahh, Van and suet yings team beat me and daniel's team.. felt so noob..
 its like, "HOW CAN WE LOSE TO GIRLS!!"

We went on walking to the streets, dont know what u call that place.. Saw a huge cow there, first thing i did was i went and posed for a pic.. I was 'so called'
doing the kissing-the-cow action.. hope the picture is good.. havent get those pic yet, will upload it once ive gotten them..=) haha.. okay okayy. thats all i can think of... really no mood now... damn..

cheer me up someone! I want or i need talk to someone!! anyonee??

EDITTED!! With pictures this time..=)

he looked so happy here! haha

group pic

aww adrian dont whine..

look at me! im eating chocolate from the cake!haha..cannot wait already

aww so sweet.


group pic!

ahh.. why must the picture quality be so bad.. sorry van but im not blaming your camera..xP

ahh.. failed!

daniel!! put your hands the other side too!!!

foosball time!

look at me pointing at the cow's ass!!! ahh... vanessa! u didnt take the pic of me kissing the cow!! =(

Friday, November 6, 2009

im a horny lil porcupine!

ohh yaa, i think i should blog about what we've done in school today... played gameS with just uno cards.. played bluff.. a game i thought i'll definitely lose, because i seriosuly CANT STAND NOT LAUGHING.. I WON IN THE END!! even the game called 'the staring game without laughing?' yeah, i suck at it.. i played wif szeyin yesterday, it didnt last even a second i burst out laughing..haha.. what is wrong with me laa.. cant i just be serious for once? haha..

ohyeahh! we played this game called 'i dont know what is it called'.. forget it.. it was kathleen's brilliant idea..the game goes this way.. everyone is assigned a name.. for example, given the theme is animals, i chose PORCUPINE!! daniel was Dolphin! Nick was COW! Kathleen was rhinosaurus! leon was T-rex! khai was hedgehog!! Hahaa. okay, so its like everyone opens a card randomly, those wif the same number has to shout the opposite's animal name.. for example, i open the number 2, kathleen also open the number 2, the 1st person to call out the names will not get penalised..

okayy, too lazy to explain.. just ask me in school.. anyway.. KATHLEEN!! haha!! just noe when our number was the same, i stone weihh!! i was like... errr... then she was like:" HORNY!!! PORCUPINE!!" omg la weihh.. LMAOOOO... why must u add the horny in front.. haha.. okay i think thats all..

hope i get 5 marks from pn cecilia today for MORAL!! =(


Just look at the freaaking huge download list for the artist 'Owl City' only..

Anyway, i officially would like to declare... I HATE ONIONS and TAUGEHS!! omg.. weirdest food ever.. onions in soups are still bearable, but.. FRIED ONIONS IS THE WORST!! those fried ones, and those sprinkled at the top of your food.. wth.. Plus, if i ever order prawn mee or whatsoever without asking them NOT to put any taugehs, DIE LA, i'll spent the next 10mins or so slowly picking them out.. ahh.. okayy.. random much..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

my password was fireflies.. haha..=)

Today's "NikeRun" is fun... Was expecting the route to be longer, but omg, its so damn short.. When i crossed the finish line, i dont see any of my friends there, so i thought,:"hmm, i do have time,ok, im gonna run back and say hi.." And yeah, i did ran back, i saw kath runnning.. *She's not bad... haha* AND! I saw szeyin, amaleong, alyssa.. they are friggin in d last place.. haha..=) but nvm, they still manage to to cross the finishing line... *applause!* they even crossed the finish line in a line, so it can be considered as no one got last.. haha..

But whats cool is, the nike shoe provided is so freakinng nice..Kathleen and amanda i think got the nicest shoe.. black/flourescent green..***OMG!!! obsessed with green!!*** The chip thingy that they place in the shoe is cool..haha..its like you are controlled by a device or something.. haha.. the wrist band too.. had the best colour!! grey and green i think!! high 5 alyssa!! =) we both got d same colour!! FLUOROSCENT GREEN!!=)

INTERCEPTT!!! ahhh.. damm.. could have prevented jun ning from getting uno game.. so slow la my reaction, i was like IN-TERRR-----cept=(.... stopped after seeing jun ning saying uno game!!


Oh yeah! I reached 8 times!! woohoo!! szeyin!! we own!!
in the dont know what is it called 16 year old hand game??


HOMG.. Didnt know this picture still existed.. So freaaakkiingg dinosour ages ago..(btw, the 3 on my right are my cousins)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OneU with Kathleen's gang..=)

AHHH! YAY! Exam's over today!!

And, for the 1st time i went out with kathleen,alyssa,amanda sek,amanda ng,puiyee,leon!! So fun..=) Time really flies when u're having fun.. One moment i was eating lunch, then in a blink of an eye, its dinnner alreadyy.. haha..everyone is so funny today!! =)

Came back from school and went lying my bed awhile.. then i fell asleep, when i woke up it was 1.45pm., quickly went to bath and go ou.. i thought i was late, guess what.. i was d first to arrive.. haha.. never have been so 'punctual' in my life before.. haha..

Everyone met in Sakae Sushi, was my first time there.. so yeah, while looking at the menu, i was really lost.. the food so weird... dont know what, soba, then udon, then.. aiyyhh.. Weird japanese names.. haha.. My food was good.. cant rmb the name.. i think its 'Kinoko Soba'..haha..
Guess what, the total bill was RM117.. its not the worst ive seen..(the worst ive seen was rm 900+,that was when i was in renaissance hotel having buffet).. So yeah, i offered to foot the bill first, felt like a big boss for once.. haha..=)

Then i couldnt remember where we go.. oh yeah! was it S&J? There's this towel hanger, omg.. its so damn freaaking wrong.. i dont wanna explain.. those who saw, u know it urself.. haha..And and, errmm.. We went to pet shop!!! There was a room filled with dogs, caged of course.. OMG, it stinkx like crap.. and OMG! The shit zu is so freakinggg cute, *PINCH*!! and oh yeah,i saw cats.. its so furry!! HAHAHA

Watched 'the time traveller's wife'. when the movie was starting, i guess alyssa and amanda ng was really hyped up, we keep talking, sort of whispering about the boy whom i thought was a girl, wait, its a boy right??? TILL a guy turned back and was like:" SHHHH!! DO U ALL MIND??" woww.. so scary.. haha and..omg... i was like.. what!! me and leon was saying its boringg.. it was so bored till i couldnt resist but wanting to hug something... so i rmb tong had a bag, so i took her bag and hugg it thruout the whole show.. Kindda nice to hug.. thanks tong for your bag! love your bag.. nice hugging tool.. haha..=)

After the show, everyone was like freezinggg when the show was over.. haha.. the looks on their face so funny.. as if they just came out from a fridge.. haha.. Ahh.. YES! Kathleen's one cent joke.. haha..she swallowed a 1 cent coin when she was 3 years old and poop it out the next day.. haha..

Ahh, too lazy to go on.. i'll just go read tong's,alyssa's,amanda's blog and see.. haha..=)


I learn a new phrase today!! "TOO BAD SO SAD, SO BAD TOO SAD!!" WOOHOO!!