Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i fell sick since last monday.. =( how sadd


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why is his name Daniel Bego???

ok, thats the question i asked to the group consisting of puiyee,aamanda,szeyin,kathleen,alyysa,alicee.. Everyone was like omg, so stupid.. forgotten but someone did said this,:" go ask his FATHER la!" haha.. its not a stupid question actually.. Who knows, his dad gave him tht name because bego means something/? let me google...

Sorry, we couldn't find a name meaning for the Bego last name. Try using an alternate form of the name, or a different last name.

ok, bego means nothing.. Daniel bego has a meaningless name.. >.< what a sad case..

Why did pn norita have to go one whole round,then only it reaches my turn? I rmb Fie said what i wanna say,"Hilmi dan Azizah berkahwin".. Vincent also said wat i wanna said :"Hilmi meninggal dunia!".. So i quickly find another point,then i got this, "hayati telah menggantikan hilmi dalam konsert itu"..

I thought i was safe!

Suddenly the stupidd bobbish go say what i wanna say.. Then he's like 3 places before me.. Sighh,
To those who havent finish reading the Konserto Terakhir but still manage to give a point, lucky arsee because pn norita picked u all first!

 I FINISHED READING the bloody KONSERTO TERAKHIR IN ONE DAY!!!! but that was during december 10+ i think.. sighh..

Standing alone sucks, i give silly answers, hilmi bermain biola, and..nvm..cannot remember.. Anyway, form 5 life is really tough.. Everyday only one word, HOMEWORK!! -.- Can die weihh.. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Im back but im too lazy to blog.. So, BYE! (: