Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its destiny!

OMG! the latest song by Linkin Park called, "New Divine" really is DA BOMB!!
I heard it'll be one of the theme song for Transformers 2!! OMG! speaking of transformers 2, its gonna be out TOMORROW!

Stupid H1N1 virus, i just hope my dad allows me to go OneU with my friends to watch it next sunday, and not to be laid back by some stupid H1N1 virus as an excuse!!

Anyway, going for add.maths tuition now.. Bye!

*How i wish the H1N1 virus is just a joke after all*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ishh... My results for the 1500m race is really bad..=(
But who cares, this is my 1st time joining for an event.. I gained experience.. haha..

Better luck next year! ^^

Tscush!! (pronounced as shoes and it means 'bye' in german.. cool leh, learned from stefan)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random stuff about physics...

Was damn bored at home yesterday, so i browsed the whole form 4 and form5 of physics.. Guess what.. super cool weihh.. U know when workers are doing welding work in a workshop? last time i thought why wouldnt they be afraid of the sparks produced? because to my opinion, its very painful..haha.. now i know why.. its because the heat content of a spark is very little since its mass is very small! Cool fact huh?!!

Wait.. one more!

Its about this fellow named Archimedes...

Archimedes' principle is named after a man who discovered the principle. He was trying to find a way to distinguish a crown made of pure gold frin a counterfeit crown made or impure gold. While he was immersed in a bathtub, he suddenly realised that the principle of floatation would help help him solve the problem. He was so excited that he RAN NAKED,*(OMG!)*, shouting "Eureka!" meaning " i have found it!" joyously in the streets!

OMG weihh.. This is so interesting!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

posting up picture which is long overdue...

According to the date which is stated on those picture itself.. it says :"16-May-09".. Wow.. thats a long time.. Anyway, the perfect excuse for me not posting all these pictures up earlier would be..um.. EXAMS!

since it has been a long time.. i dont think i can even recalled what had happened EXCEPT for the DELICIOUS and YUMMY FOOD!

Just look at the price! OMG.. the package we chose was the dinner package which cost RM85++ per person! *gasp*

Ahhh... So soothing!! =)

Notice the right Swan's nose is a lil bit shorter? yeah, my cousin purposely broke it..haha

This red wine taste GOOD although i dont speak wine language, so who cares what wine issit..

I guess the higher the...ermm... HAT? no wait.. LONG HAT?? oh well.. whatever it is..
The blueberry cobbler look so...*is it cheese or what?* YUMMY! the strawberries toooo..*droools*
The dunno what thingy on the left look like shit.. well refined piece of shit..HAHA
*although i dont even know what are those..*
checkout the chocolate fountain!! *how i wish i could stick my tongue in it and lick it straight*
*why are the pictures so DARK! =.="
try to guess whats that..? =)
Its Wasabe by the way..... (: i thought it was some kind of cake at 1st..haha

This is from another scene...

does this look tasty?
see the bright dot over there? Its the moon!!

Taiping TRIP
Just look at these picturesque..=)


last but not least... my cousin..^^ he and his blur face..must be because of his age thats why he doesnt know what is Camera..^^

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Man's Best Friend...

A dog is truly a man's best friend. If u don't believe it, just try the following experiment:

Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour. When u open the trunk, who is really happy to see you???

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day out in Nick's house! :D

On Sunday Morning:
I'm going to Sunway this monday!!! (feeling Happy)

On Sunday night 11pm:
I received an sms from chun loong:" Its cancelled!"

I was like.. What the. =.= so last minute cancelled... end up we made our own plans by going to nick's house.. Me,Daniel,Adrian,LiShen,WernLin went today.. I was late.. When i went in the house..Guess what, they were so engrossed watching

THOMAS AND FRIENDS!??!?$%^&*%&*#@&$

Anyway, we played Cards. I dont know what game is that?! Its something to do with "in between"..I dont know la.. Its just fun... We gambled.. I kept losing.. Rm0.50 by Rm0.50, then RM2, RM3..Im like OMGG! WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY!!!! Wern Lin kept keeping all the RM1 note i loss... urghh.. All my one buck note i brought all finished..

Kesian li shen la, terpaksa sapu all the coins Wern lin bet... haha.. end up she did a good thing too.. She gave amanda(nick's cousin) coins just to put into nick's piggy bank.. haha..that girl so cute laa.. MAMA JENN!!! =)

After that, we played one last round before we went to eat,also to try my luck to win back the money i loss... GUESS WHAT! WHEEE!!I got back the money i loss earlier!!! WAIT.. I think I UNTUNG somemore!! I placed my bet RM10 straight and i won them!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! FYI, this is my 1st time gambling.. My parents doesnt allow me to gamble,sad right?

I tried scooping out a miny gold fish from nick's mini fish tank just to see how would it survive living without water.. Li shen was like.. PUT IT BACKKK! If not it will DIEE!!! *sigh.. spoil the fun..

Time flies when we're having fun.. =.=.. we chatted, gossip.. starting we were talking about exams, then it we went talking about maths and science,then it went to polictics,how suckish the pelajaran is in m'sia,PKM thing.. it goes on and on non stop.. lasting for a few hours i guess..Daniel got owned by a 11years old boy in naruto!!!!!!! muahahahaha...


Lazy to talk more..

Here's a LIL pictures..

They are such a camwhorer.. dont u think so? =)

nick looks like he's being forced to smile. =)

attempted to kacau their camwhoring moment by sticking out a peace sign above their heads, which apparently will look like a bunny?