Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On cloud 7!! Just ignore the C!!!

Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia

Nama: Guok Yow Jun, Eugene
Angka Giliran: BK042K041
No. K/P: 930802-XX-XXXX (P & C)
Nama Sekolah: SMK Damansara Jaya Petaling Jaya Selangor

Bahasa Melayu -A
Bahasa Inggeris -A
Mathematics -A
Science -A Cemerlang
Sejarah -A Cemerlang
Geografi -A Cemerlang
KHB-Perdagangan dan Keusahawanan -A Cemerlang
Bahasa Cina -C

Hey!! So that was the results!! Was totally unexpected though.. I once dreamt that i got 7A's for Pmr!! Really god's richest blessing!! At least they place chinese the last,so its like All A's n few ppl will notice the bottom,which is a C!! Gosh!! Its like A super nice pictures with black spots on it!! SO spoiling!! Anyway,i cant expect more because i've expected chinese to get B or C..

Actually i told my dad before,lets say i get 8A's for pmr,you can promise me a HOUSE!! cos i noe it wont happen,so he cn promise me anything which is "cannot be"..

SEJ A!!! OMG!! SO SO HAPPY!! my trials i got like 40+ becos i totally didnt study it..so..Dai Seh..



I woke up at 9am..So i went to school early, i saw many of friends there waiting anxiously.. The looks on their face is like" HAHAHAHHAHA"..And then, some of my friends even teased some ppl saying that if u get 8A's,Ur parent will be like hugging u like crazy in public!! HAHAH!!
DiNG DONG!! the clock struck 10AM!! wHEN i see the results,i see thru one by one,here it goes:A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ITS (*not christmas*) DOOMS DAY!!! ITS PAST 12!!! OMGGG!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

1 MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

30th DECEMBER 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do u all know what date is that!!!???

"NOOOO!!! "







HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dayout at OneU with Friends..=)

Ok lah,truthfuly,this is the 1st time hanging out with frens in OneU during this holiday,sad heh..=( Anyway,reached OneU at 9am..Since its still close we walked around inside OneU doing nothing for like 15 min since all the shop are all close,of course while waiting we did fool around messing up stuff too. THen right,while walking we saw this picture on the wall.. Super lame... but a good one too..haha..xPGuess whats the answer!!?_____?

Anyway,since OneU was still close,we decided to walk to cineleisure instead..Took like 15min to walk there...haha!! while walking thru some carpark,me and my fren were like lifting up other cars wiper.. DAMM FUN LA KACAU-ING PPL's CAR!! Nvm,While wanting to cross the road,there's this car honked at us..Must be playing a joke on us la! Surely a youngster..haha!!=) When we reached the outside part of Cineleisure,something stupid happen!! Like totally, reaally stupid!! here it is, since its still early,we thought cineleisure was still not open,we sort of waited outside of the glass door waiting la a dumbo..*Sliding door btw..=) After that suddenly right,while we were fooling around,there's this man,walked past us,we were like commenting on how he dress was funny,went in straight into the glass pane of cineleisure,the sliding door just open!! IT JUST FLUNKED OPEN!! OMG!!! 10 min wasted waiting outside there like a fool dog!!!So so so very stupid!!

Enough of stupidity,we went bowling,they said 15 more mins then only open..OK lorrr..we played a game of pool while waiting.. Ish!! I suck at it..(*at the starting i really do stink..! at the end i damm pro d!! haha!!joking joking!!*) After the game 20min later,went to bowl..hmmph,quite cheap,rm 5 for a game which include rm2 for shoe renting!! *THE SHOE IS SO BIGG!!!!!* the 1st game ar, I played until super suckish!!scored like 47 points in 10 throws!!*even a girl could beat my score!!* that bad!! Since time was in our hands,played 2nd round...HAHAHAHA!! I WON WITH 103 POINTS!!!!!!!PRO HEH!!

oH YEAh!! N there's this funny thing we did while playing bowling!! Lets say its my turn to bowl,3 of my frens will be like mumbling some stupid so called "magical good luck charm" trying to give me so called "good luck" Though they meant bad luck xP, they even whack my butt and said,bad luck!! The so called "magical good luck charm" goes like this.."HOMOAAHOAMAA *repeated*"(Something like this!! since its so magical till u cant get wat it mean..hahaahha) WAITT!! ONE MORE THING!! One of my fren put his mineral bottle(the edge was quite sharp) on the chair,RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHAIR,and the other of my fren wasnt concentrating and just sat right in the middle of the chair,so his reaction after sitting its like!!! "WHAT THE"!!!!!! HAHAHHAHA..IT WENT RIGHT UP INTO HIS BUTT BUTT!!

CRAP LA!! TWILIGHT HAS ONLY ! SHOWING TIME AVAILABLE,6.55pm!! damm long,siao!! END up watching YES MAN!! ITs more like a comedy type of moral story!! *p.s.I rate it 6/10!! Not really nice*...
Go makan at station Kopitiam,the set quite cheap,rm19.90++ for 2 ppl!! THE MUSHROOM SOUP HAS NO MUSHROOM!!! Then one of my fren said this stupid thing..:"We are brothers but from another mother!!" ..
Makan finish then go play ice hockey n machine operated basketball!!


Just some random picture, i took this picture..Super cool right?!!


TIRED!! 9am to 7pm!! LETIH-NYA!! 1st time go out with friend so long!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


If i get good result, (My maximum is 7A's cos chinese confirm no A's,nvm,dont even talk abt getting an A for chinese..If i get a B for chinese i also VERY HAPPY D!!!!!
Things i want if i get 7A's:
2)Remote control helicopter(will explain later)
7)New RAM for computer!!
9)Lots and lots more!!!

Yeah,if i get good result i'll be getting these,or even more!! My grandmother,aunty and uncle all promise me money if i get good result..!!hahaha=) *HOPE I GET 7A's!!PRAY FOR ME!!

Anyway,about the "things i want if i get 7A's),number 2,remote control helicopter..
About that,i have a true story to tell... OK..Here it goes...

I still quite fancy playing with toys..Especially toys which deals with remote or batteries..Everytime i go oneU,i'll be like entering toy'r'us to see all the latest cool toys!! haha..saw a super cute toy,a walking robot,talking tooo.. But my favourite toy are mostly remote stuff..Remote control plane,remote control racing car,remote control HELICOPTER!!!

Since like 2-3 years ago,i always ask my dad to buy me a remote control racing car,then at my 14th birthday my mum bought for me..(*Though i did pay like 50% of it) When i just bought it,i'll use the car to disturb ppl,controlling the car,banging into ppl's leg..*Lisa is the one who suffer the most,she is most afraid of moving things going directly towards her direction..For example,my friend brought his dog,the dog went to lisa,lisa was so scared till she climbed up the chair so quickly..(Climbing mountain)..Few months later,i let my cousin played with it upstairs in my house..He enjoyed playing it,...All of a sudden,he forgotten to turn the car,it went straight down towards the 1st floor..2nd flooor fell to the 1st floor!! *BANGG!! My heart is like *OUCH*!!

After that,the car still can be used,but kindda spoiled,it cant turn as good as it used to be!! Sheeeesh..!! Few months later,i got rid of it by nt playing it...Then,i saw this flying helicopter!! so cool!! i wanted it!!! My dad says:"See!!Its made out of plastic,what if suddenly no battery or hit something,it will fall to the ground,since its plastic,will go *CRASH* and destroyed easily.."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Which ONE!!??

Went to tesco to get stuff like uniform and other schooling stuff.. Started finding size 18 for the canggih uniform.. Damm them!! Took so long to find,and all they say is.."STOCK HABIS LA"!! Forget it la.. Only bought one shirt.. Then went to buy long pants, My size is around 32.. So starting i tried size 30,too small, then i tried size 31,small..but not too small..Since size 32 is out of stock too,i tried size 33,TOO BIG!! Damm them again!! Take so long time to find size 32,and after that all they said to me was," *U SHUD KNOW* ".. So too bad la,no business to do with them..

Its school shoes this time!! ahhh!! terrible!! Many small "so called stalls" lined up in rows,quite orderly,properly arranging the boxes of shoes.. So right,this North Star "stall" the promoter went home,and guess what,something will surprise him/her...The boxes were all messed up!! HAHAHAH!! *Evil Laugh*.. No choice but to choose whether which shoe to buy.. diadora brand or jazz star brand..Slightly different design though.. End up taking diadora brand..Quite UGLY nice la i "think"!! I DUNNO!! FIRST TIME BUYING STUFF WITHOUT FEELING SATISFIED!!!!!

Anyway,just some random stuff,i suddenly realise something!! Not really special but it feels uncomfortable.. Guess whats that? Nope,its not pimple of course!! EYE BAGS!! It feels like suddenly i can feel like my eyes pops out..And something bulging out from it...Sounds disgusting.. But then, ok la..not that bad la.. Feel uncomfortable but when going to sleep at night,super easy loh,just close ur eye, *Poof*,you're in dreamland..haha..=) *Super random right??=D*

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hey to all my fellow bloggers,due to some smartnessstubborn-ness of some ppl(U know hu u are!!technical error,my computer has fall sickSPOILED!! OMG!! THATS LIKE THE WORST THING THAT CAN EVER HAPPEN TO ME!! ESPECIALLY DURING HOLS!!! Anyway, its really bad when ur computer is spoiled,just imagine,no games,no internet,no msn,no msn chit-chat!! U wont wanna know how it feels..!! Because of this,i suddenly realise that i should appreciate what i have now!!*singing* Hey JOJO what have u learned,we all wanna know what u've learned today...(i dunno how to sing next)

To some ppl,computer maybe just be their favourite past time,or so called game-ing machine..To me is like...hmmpm..*dunno what to say!*..To me is like...Everything!!! WAIT!! NOt exactly everything!! ANyway, yeah.,sorry for the delay,sorry for not posting up the picture of the !a.m. band camp shirt!!*IT ROCK!!TOO BAD U DONT HAVE IT!!* So,here is it.

This is considered one of the best shirt ever!!Plain but the logo rocks!!The best part of all!! PASSION!!The back of the 1a.m. shirt!! SUPER CHUNTED RIGHT!!! ITs grey and not brown!!

Well!! What do u think huh?!! NExt up is the camp t-shirt,girls gets a black coloured shirt,guys get a white shirt,super sissy right!?The front of the shirt!! Guess what picture is it!! I doubt u all will like it..hahaha!! THe back of the shirt is plain..But still nice right??!!SO unique..LOL!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

YouthCamp2008! (After)

Encounter Camp '08 Logo
Signatures by the 1 a.m. band.. *not all of them though,short of one i think!

Ok,this is day 1.The camp is located at Benum Hill Resort,Raub,Pahang... Sounds cool right?? Resort weih!
No play play... Anyway,the place was great,thought had to travel thru some bumpy and narrow lil road to get into that super ulu place... Yeah while in d bus,i realise something funny.. We took bus sekolah which was rented by church, it has those handles to hold..U know whats that right? yeah,While we're travelling thru that bumpy road,it kept moving,synchronizingly,As if it was hypnotizing somebody! SO funny!!hahahahahah!! N one fact is that,do u know how to they serve food?? Yeah,SELF SERVICE!! The way they serve food is like serving prisoner,get a plate,walk in line,they'll just throw food in ur plate.. Gross.. Eat finish,self service too..WASH URSELF!!! Bathing time leh,also need to comment..haiz... Toilet so crowded..waited for like 10 min..At last when someone opened the door,i happily walked in.. ZzZZzZ... NO WATER!!!!!!! No choice!!! Had to use tap to bath!! How sad is that!! I pity u la NS ppl!Worship was great!! Atmosphere was great,then its talent time,our group steady,havent even practise one whole round yet straight away went to perform,maybe got last,dunno?they didnt say,luckily..!! Its 11.30pm when the session was over,me and some friends went to play futsal,midnight!!played till 12.30am! Was freaking hot when i went back to room,and there's no air-cond,only spin fan,so its like every 12 seconds the fan blow u once..Damn sad!!

Not really saying much things cos was busy that day..So, whateva i type is what i cn remember.. The food again..haiz..Was GREAT!! SPEECHLESS.. Worship again..GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw,worship was led by the 1a.m. band..(heard of it b4?) Anyway,was tired,so during session1,i slept a long time a lil while..OOoops..Sorry*! Games is "Ok la!".. Need to complete task to get ransom to save leader..Our team super relax,steady!!walk all the way,never run at all!!xD There's a task super funny,its like questionaire,they(Ann Jill) asked,how to spell chrysthemum(hope its right),ZhiWei said,Kokfa(Hokkien right?),K-O-K-F-A,thats its spelling..WRong!! DAMM lame!!! AGAin!!! Bathing time NO WATER!!!!! Slept at 1am plus,keep talking football,crazy stuff n lots of stuff with newly made friend called jonathan embas patrick.. He's cool..

Since its sort of the last day,i'll cut the long story short.. I'll start with the food,it sucks!!!! And also during games,1st time in my life i went kayak-ing..!! Had to kayak with a girl though cos i want to nobody wants to go..But its very fun..haha!!Collided with other boat many times!! Before session starts,there's this lame joke competition,so here is what the 3rd contestant(Ryan) said:" Wanna hear a dirty joke? Ok here it goes,A boy ran so fast till he fell into a puddle! THen,Do u wanna hear a clean joke? Ok,That boy went to toilet take a bath!!" DAMM LAME!!!!Next,bathing,thank god!! my toilet had water!!! wah!!!im so super happy!!!felt like the luckiest person is d world for that moment... Since its d last night of camp,we(dorm mates)did lots of crazy stuff in d dorm till 3 am...Also recorded the camp-coordinator's snore into phone!!haha!! Wanted to wake up at 7am to play ping pong,instead,i didnt hear my alarm and it diesturbed everyone..hahahaha!! dai sei! Ben was annoyed so he went to off it!!Guess what,i didnt did it on purpose,i couldnt even hear a sound though my alarm rang very loud!! Within these 4 days,made lots of new friends that i've least expected that i'll be one day frens with them..I'll name it,so maybe u might know them too:" Wilson,Lynn Sia(OMG She's damm nice!! LYNN!! I WANT UR MSN!!),Jonathan,*FAST FORWARD*,Aileen Yeo(heard she's nice but im still doubt-ing about it),Naomi(U AH!! TSK TSK TSK!!),(btw,both of these girls are lena's fren),Ann Jill(JACK's BROTHER),Jehanne,Denzie( he is so nice! he helped me wash my plate),Ivan Chew,Christopher,(jun wei's so called twin brother),lots more la!! LAZY TYPE ONE BY ONE!!

p.s.will upload pics of camp shirt pics,1a.m. shirt pic,they are both currently in the washing machine..!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Youth Camp2008! (BEFORE) *PANIC*

Youth camp is like....erm.. 1 and a half hours away?!! Whee!!! Wait!!!Look at the dark side... I have not pack finish!! OMG!! I really dunno what to get for my mortal for angel and mortal activity.. Its reallly fun if ur angel gave u lots of stuff!! Erm, What if i got her(btw,guys gets a girl mortal,girls gets a guy mortal)a super chunted,expensive lil stuff,its good,but what if my mortal isnt the standard i wanted? Do i still giv that super chunted lil stuff to her??!! HAHA!! Im so bad..!! Anyway,i havent got anything yet other than sweets.. I hope i dont regret.. Who knows,my mortal might turn out into somebody...(*ahem..u know..)

WHAT TO BRING FOR CAMP!!?? I DIDNT EVEN ATTEND THE BRIEFING..!! Dunno what la,they say nid bring a clothes that has to be ready of being torn..*(i dont have either!! Some of my clothes are quite ready to be torn,but already small!! HOW TO WEAR?!!!),and i heard the activities are all related to water.. So will get wet everytime..! Sounds fun,but..havent pack finish..=( HELP ME PACK!!! I WANNA SLEEP!!! ITS 6.16am NOW!! I NEED MY SLEEEP where all dreams come true!!! GOSH!! I'm also seeing eyebags are puffing out from everywhere!!!

Anyway,the campsite is somewhere near Pahang,heard its a NS training site..But i dunno whats the place called... All i know its just Pahang...NS ppl are nt using it,so we rented it.. have u went there before??Is it nice? Anyway hot water to cook cup noodles??=) Anyway,i reeeaally reeeallly need to go pack my stuff now!! Will update more when im back!! Camp last 4 days,so i'll be back with my updates 4 days time. Hope i do have fun..! N hope i dont waste the money(RM180)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ChiWern&ChinLing blessing ceremony..

*I look stupid with a girl's handbag!!!

2 Hungry Foxes behind them ATTAck!!!!!!

4 bodyguards....=.= *Chin Ling,u're very safe..haha=)

*take 2...*

Y am i smiling so widely in almost every pictures i took on that day??!!

Flowers in between thorns...=P *(Oops..upside down..)

See...!! Y m i smiling so widely!!!! Sheeesh..!!

Look at Li Ann!!! The girl in pink shirt!! hahahahaha!!!xP

Emergency umbrella!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Lil' Poem about myself..

My name is Eugene,
Eugene is my name, *(Lame)
I am just the same,
Except my fav drink is urine. *(NOO!!)

I'm crazy about Edward Cullen, *(NO I'M NOT!!!)
Based on what I read,
he sounds just as delicious as mutton, *(NO,WHO SAY'S!!YING SHAN U'RE DEAD!!!!!)
Oh, he just makes my day, *(OHHMYGOSHH!! EWWW!!)
This poem was written by a friend, *(Terrible friend.)
Who has a blog so grand, *(Yeah right..)
Her name is Ying Shan,
Without her this poem wouldn't be done. *(As If)

*(Do u like it..?Obviously NOT)

*( )= Edited..

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Entrance of Orchard Road
Streets of Orchard road..
Scene from below the trees..
Now its red...
Do u wanna try some..=)

Lisa is sleepy...=.=

Yummy..=)*Both are eating gelojoh-ly..

Damn cool!!

Doing the split in mid air..! On a string!!

Love Ice!

Male or Female??

Hard to get this pic right...
Christmas bear...

Lil gift..
Special spotlight shining directly on the table..
Diff between without flashlight,
and with flashlight...

*Y am i bending so much...
Who knows,they might as well end up togethr..=)

1,2,5,0!! * Didnt know how to do 0..!

Sorry for not updating,was in singapore for 4 days..just came back today.. Anyway,went singapore to attend cousin's wedding...*the dinner is so royal!!xP

1st day was terrible!! Dad was sick but hafto drive down to sg..Starve until 4pm only get to eat lunch.. We stayed in friend's house,u know,singapore's public transport is so convinient...Busses and taxis are like everywhere! But the MRT is better..So yeah,walked to the nearest mrt station(15min) walk.. While walking,my eyes were on the floor,looking out for money,...haha!!

Wah,nerds!!Gobstopper!!!Frutips!!! Sweets that arent available in malaysia..*After going singapore,i feel malaysia is like a super lousy country..! (Chi Yao,guessed my statement is totally opposite of how u think of singapore..)=)

Anyway,attended cousin's wedding and dinner!! the dinner is sooo...tasteless...Maybe cos i wasn well.. "Swissotel @ Raffles City..Supposed to be good.."!! This time is rreally a bad trip...as i said,my dad suddenly wasnt well,then the 2nd day,my mum wasnt well,3rd day,lisa wasnt well,4th and the last day,i wasnt well..Main cause..MY FATHER!! i think it also passes to my dad's friends kids and my dad's friend itself.. How "good" is it?? Within 4 days,7 ppl got infected..

Anyway,of cos there'll be pics..*mei yih,if u like any pic,grab it from my blog...i'll get pic i want from ur blog too.. *N guess what,twilight is only coming out in cinemas on the 18th of dec in sg.. Sad huh..xP