Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010!

I guess this'll be pretty much the last post for the year as i'll be away to china in a few hours time until the 31st of december.. *The picture with the cat in it is cute rightt? haha ;D *

 So, i'll just wish everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Year now! =)

p.s. If u see my facebook appearing online, it isnt me.. Take note, its my friend using my account.. ;P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Canyon Paintball!

its like dream come true.. planned so many, and failed so many in the end.. haha..

I remember in the 1st round, the 1st terrain, i got shot on my arm, i wanted to cheat a lil and js continue shooting, end up my conscience got me,so i ran back to my base.. haha.. while waiting at my base, guess what, i got shot on my shoes.. haha..

At the 2nd terrain, at the thick jungle, i remember me and tong's like feeling SO BORING! she kept complaning saying,:"why nobody one?" haha..

the 3rd terrain was the best!! i simply just love it!! shooting 2 person clearly on their head and watching the paint splattering on their mask.. feels good,there's a sense of satisfaction.. haha  poor amanda and johan.. haha..jkjk..

Anyway, came back home wif super dirty pants, clothes and shoes.. =(

 Pictures are up in facebook!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elevate Camp 2009!

Lots of stuff happened at camp, so i dont remember.. But what i remember is, CAMP IS SUPER AWESOME!! Just look at the camp t-shirt!! =) I dont know how to read it tho.. haha.. The campsite's in a HOTEL in port dickson! How cool is that! But the lift sucks..

SCOTIA is my team name!!(As u can see, now my blog title has changed to it) I loved the name until the pastor said, what? scotia? is it like a tissue box brand? haha. Our team came in 5th though..=)

Team Renaissance came in 1st, Baiyoke 2nd, Kingdom 3rd i think,Aon 4th,Sapphire 6th.. ahh.. cannot remember.. But our camp this time has really cool games group names such as Scotia of course, Burj, Renaissance, Empire,Trump,Aspire, Sapphire, Kingdom, Chrysler, Tuntex, Aon, Almas, Eureka, Baiyoke, Emirates, Willis..

Oh yeah, and.. Puiyee, there's a girl that look just like you.. haha.

Didnt take much picture, not a camwhorer like girls.

Here's a picture wif my new friend named Jonathan James, he's from england,sheffield. So cool.. His mum's a chinese, dad's a mix.. I think its german, italian.. Something like that..=)

Nick says he looks retarded here.. ;D

There.. our name tags!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

storm warrior and charlene choi

omg charlene choi!!!!!!!!! :)

omg charlene choi!!!!!!!!! :)

omg charlene choi!!!!!!!!! :)

okay the end..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Silent Treatment is awesomee!

So now, I shall be more like Munn Leong from now on; more silent :)
Well, we'll see how long that lasts, hehe. I'll try, I'll try. It could be fun!

Friday, December 4, 2009

i didnt fall at all while ice skating!!!

auntie anne's pretzels taste awesome!  since everyone have ate breakfast except me and li shen, so we decided to buy some auntie anne's PRETZELS! I bought parmesan cheese pretzels whereas li shen bought some almond one.. All along i've only bought parmesan cheese because it taste so good.. on the other hand, li shen have been only buying the almond one becos she said its good.. SO i let her take a bite of mine, and she was like OMG, SO YUMMY!! Then she let me tried hers and my reaction is also like "OMG", but of course not as loud as hers.. haha.. Okayy, enough of auntie ann'es because its making me really hungry now!

While waiting for the ice to be resurfaced, everyone put on their ice skating shoe and
tried balancing themselves in it while walking.. so funny.. haha.. after they resurfaced, its so freaking unfair where those figure skaters get to go in and practice where we just sit and wait.. then when 1 of the girl fell, im like :"HAHAHHA" laughing at her, li shen's like :"hey dont laugh, or later u also fall like them"..she's js so nice..

OH YEAH!! before everyone came, me, adrian and daniel was waiting for everyone at the main entrance, so im like pointing at a pink shirted old lady saying to daniel n adrian :"
HEY, LOOK! Its your sister!!"

##It didnt just end there..##

Guess what, while skating, Daniel was like telling me,:" HEY LOOK, THERES YOUR DEAR SISTER!!"
Im quite clueless and said:"what? my sister is at home laa.".. Then he pointed out at the pink shirted lady earlier.. haha..

I didnt know that there's such a rule that 3 person cannot hold hands together while skating.. but before we got that warning, while elena was in the middle, suejean on the right, and im on the left, there's a lil girl suddenly appear in front of us.. So elena panic and we quickly lift up our hands and sort of played "LONDON BRIDGE".. It was really funny.. Even the girl laughed.. haha..

The arcade is so fun! Although i have to admit that i suck at the dancing pad thingyy..
I lost to elena.. 3 times!! omg.. how emmbarasing..*i think she played this game before,haha*
Then i tried playing the Panic Park game with Nick, that game is super awesomeeee... Its sort of like a test of strength.. Our scores were tied at 2-2.. haha.. so funny whre in the game,there's
this huge chicken who came in my way because nick pushed me to it and it squashed me dead..

After that i played with Li shen, i know this is not gonna be a fair game, so i only used 1 hand....
I beat her 4-1.. hahaha.. Although the 1 set that i lost was a round where we have to collect lots of chickens..
Jenn kept pushing me away so i only get to catch all those small chickens.
*which i dont think it gave me any point at all*.. thats why she won.. ahaha..


*No pictures.. So lame laa.. No one brought a camera!*


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

┌─┐  ─┐
│▒│ /▒/
│▒ /▒/─┬─┐

Sorry tzeming! haha=)