Saturday, February 6, 2010

17 years old kid playing hangman? haha

I've finish menyedia-ing buku catatan pertama , pindahkan ke lejar and menyediakan imbangan duga on my own!! woohoo!! okay finee.. I did refer to the answers at the backk.. =( boo..

Hope that we(li shen, khai zhin, wern lin and daniel) can study accounts together.. Somehow.. Hope that li shen's mum let her go out and studyy..

Anyway, many things happen this week..

1)I lose my camp form.. And decided not to go camp. But on the 2nd last day of the early bird deadline, Ken vyn gave me another form! so nice! U know fyi, camp forms are like super valuable then u noe, only limited amount of ppl are able to go..say 125 ppl only?

2)a dog got stuck in cik haslina's engine.. somehow.. pity pity..

3)Played hangman in school today.. The most interesting part is, we used the theme, "cartoons!"
Example, Coward the cowardly dog, STANLEY AND THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING!, rolie polie olie(kathleen got this without any alphabet on it, what genius), clifford the big red dog?

The guys and the girl's score was tied, 6-6.. haha.. Cant believe we had fun even though playing hangman themed cartoons.. haha.. All of us felt like a kid then.. xP

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